Ailanthus is a one of the fastest growing Company; It has been with an integrated platform in both HUMAN & VETERINARY Formulations and feed supplement. The company strengthened itself with the start of its own Finished Pharmaceuticals products and feed supplement. Ailanthus conducts its business with a total commitment to it’s Customers and their requirements. We define quality as conformance to our Customer’s needs, both internal and external; and conformance to all quality requirements. .

At Ailanthus, Quality is the prime motto. The systems and procedures are well framed to monitor and control process at various stages, so that the final product meets the required standards and specifications. Our personnel involved are qualified and well trained to meet the Quality requirements at each level.

Major part of our products is being exported to various Countries in Africa, South East Asia and other countries in continent.

We comply with the laws and respect the good business practices of the countries in which we operate. We constantly explore possibilities to consolidate our presence and deliver value to clients.

Team Ailanthus has an unremitting focus on core competencies and is eager to supply its products anywhere in the world. Our business strategies are

  • To meet the customer demands
  • To explore potential international market
  • Timely quality Product Delivery
  • Maintain long term relationship with our Customers

We are a company dedicated to the development and export of products for Human & veterinary use.

our mission

Our focus is on the well-being of animals and humans, with our teams working to achieve this goal. By leveraging our expertise, we have established a genuine relationship of trust with our customers and we strive to enhance this partnership by offering Innovative & quality products. We respond to everyday needs of our customers. Our ongoing commitment and continuous improvement ensures that we constantly strive to carry out our mission.


Untiring efforts to offer the products from the most efficient sources with constant and consistent attention for attaining excellence and make our strong presence in the international markets.

core values

We believe that our employees make the difference between a good and a great company. We encourage inventiveness, imagination, improvisation, and teamwork. We believe that there are no limits to what we can accomplish as a team and are always willing to explore new products, markets, and territories. We believe that the strength of our company is the pride and commitment of our people.

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